Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pretzels Make Me Sick

Below is a letter to the owner of Pretzel Twister in the Gainesville Oaks Mall.

Just to make a few things clear - I have replaced his name with "owner." In the letter I am sending, I used his real name. I suppose I am more insulted by what happened because I go here so often that I know his name as he is always working.

Also (for my health nut friends) I do not eat pretzels or give my kids pretzels multiple times per week. Many times I just get a drink, especially for work. The point is that I am a regular customer, and the owner recognizes me when I am in work attire and is always friendly. Several of his employees know recognize me outside of work attire. Today, he was the only one present.

Dear Owner,
I have worked in the mall for nearly a year, and each time I go to work I make a purchase at Pretzel Twister. Aside from work, I take my family to the mall several times a week to walk around, play at the playground, shop, etc, and we almost always make a purchase at Pretzel Twister. Needless to say, we make multiple purchases each week at your store. You and your staff are always friendly, and a few of them recognize me outside of my work uniform.

This morning, I decided to take my kids to the mall for a walk and to play at the playground. Our trip was cut short because my daughter (21 months) got sick without warning, and she threw up on herself and the stroller. We were near your store, so I stopped to ask for some napkins to clean her up. You, Owner, told me I had to make a purchase to get napkins. When I explained that my little one had just vomited, you hesitantly gave me 4 napkins. As I started to clean her, I looked up to located a trash can. Then, you told me to make sure I put them over there, and you pointed to the trash can I had located seconds before.

I felt like both of your comments were very rude and unnecessary. I am a regular customer and have always been happy with the service I receive at your store. How much did those 4 napkins really cost you? Was it really too much to spare for a regular customer? Did you really think I would leave napkins covered in vomit on your counter?

It makes me wonder why you felt the need to be so rude and unhelpful today. As you have always been friendly, I can only assume that you did not recognize me outside of my work attire. That still does not justify your attitude. Did you think, by looking at me, that I was not a decent person or parent? I'm just curious what judgment was made for you say such rude things.

Why would you think that I would not put trash in the trash can? Even when I only purchase a drink I make sure my straw wrapper (and any laying on the counter) goes into the garbage can. What made you think that I am such an irresponsible parent/adult? I do not offend easily, but I can only assume something about my appearance turned you sour. Why would you deny a regular guest - or anyone for that matter - a few napkins to clean their child? I am highly disappointed. Before today I would not have expected such a response from you or any of your staff.

I hope you realize that your actions and words effect each person you encounter, whether they make a purchase or not. My family and I will no longer take our business to Pretzel Twister. We will go to Auntie Anne's for our pretzel needs from now on. I also hope you realize that word of mouth can help or hinder a business. This unhappy customer will share her experience.

Take Care,

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  1. What a jerk! You made the right decision, and I hope this person realizes how awful he/she is and treats the next person better.